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Quesadillas are some of the most delicious appetizers that are served in restaurants nowadays. Wouldn’t you want to get to taste them in the comfort of your own home, instead of going out to grab a bite to eat?

If you’re among the people who have been dreaming of making their own quesadillas, you’ve come to the right place. We have created a buying guide for those individuals who are willing to take their love for quesadillas to a whole new level, by buying and using a quesadilla maker. Sure, you might try to prepare them using a microwave oven. Yet what’s the fun in that? The typical baked edges won’t be there, and you won’t have the feeling you’re eating actual quesadillas.


Let’s look at what a quesadilla maker can do for you and whether or not there are things to consider when buying such an appliance.



Why get a quesadilla maker, anyway?

First of all, a quesadilla maker is very easy to operate. Using one isn’t rocket science, and you won’t need to go over the manual provided by the manufacturer time and time again.

Another reason to get a unit is that most of the models we have analyzed come with non-stick surfaces. Therefore, it’s great to utilize by people who are on a diet or simply trying to cut down on fats and oils.


As if these two reasons were not enough, we found another one. An electric quesadilla maker is remarkably affordable, considering that the vast majority of units that can be bought on the market today cost as little as thirty dollars. This means that no one is forced to break his or her budget on account of buying a new unit. Sure, it occupies a little space on the countertop, but that mostly depends on what model size you end up choosing.


How they work

The simplest way of understanding the basics of quesadilla makers is to compare them to a sandwich maker. The device works on the same principles. It needs to be plugged it, turned on, and then one has to look for the indicator lights to understand whether or not the plates have heated up or not. After the plates have become warm enough, the user may place the tortilla on the bottom one.


The purpose

It goes without saying that these devices have been specially designed to prepare quesadillas. However, there are some details worth considering in this case. Some models do not allow buyers to place pieces of chicken between the two tortillas, as that would make the unit impossible to lock. By contrast, other alternatives come with a locking lid with two positions, thus giving users the freedom to prepare thicker quesadillas.



How to use a model

All one needs to do to use the device is place a flour tortilla on the bottom side of the machine, and then top it with shredded cheese and other ingredients, and cover it with another tortilla. Then, the consumer is instructed to close the lid and let the quesadilla cook for as little as five minutes. The preparation time depends on the model you purchase, as some might instruct you to use it for three minutes while others have a cooking time of at least seven minutes.



The most important features to look for – An overview

One of the crucial aspects to take into account when buying a unit is the size. On the one hand, you’ll have to consider this because it’ll occupy space on the table or countertop as previously mentioned. On the contrary, the size is relatively important because it will allow you to purchase several types of tortillas. The rule’s rather simple: the smaller the machine, the smaller the tortillas you’ll have to buy. Therefore, sometimes bigger is better because you’ll have the possibility to cook larger quesadillas with a larger appliance, but that won’t be the case if you own a small-sized one.

After researching the market for some of the alternatives that exist out there, we came to the conclusion that a 10-inch quesadilla maker is far better than an 8-inch one. Of course, it all depends on your needs and preferences, but the bigger the unit, the more versatile it is.



Other details that might refine your search for the right product consist of features that you might or not require. Subsequently, if you want to prepare your quesadillas safely and in a timely manner, look for a device that has ready indicator lights. If you like your quesadillas with meat and potentially oily ingredients, what you need is a machine that has a drip tray. If you’re not exactly keen on the idea of another appliance taking up space in your kitchen, look for a basic model that can be stored vertically.

Furthermore, power is one other factor to base your decision on. The higher the power, the lower the cooking time. A 900-watt machine might allow to create quesadillas in as little as 5 minutes. Any other appliance that features a lower wattage than that will automatically force you to wait longer. Again, this is strictly a factor to take into account if you know you’re usually low on patience, particularly when it comes to wolfing down something. Nobody said that quesadillas weren’t a great snack or even a healthy breakfast to munch on.


Removable plates

Some people might be interested in purchasing a quesadilla maker with removable plates. These models are somewhat more expensive compared to the regular ones, but most of them are dishwasher friendly. Cleaning the plates in the dishwasher is very convenient, particularly when it comes to greasy ingredients or cheese that have stuck on the plate. Moreover, some buyers use 8-inch tortillas with their 10-inch units, which leaves some room for ingredients to seep out.

It takes a lot of time and sometimes even a lot of effort to wash the plates in the sink, as one must soak them prior to scrubbing them. In addition, this process can eventually damage the non-stick plates.




As is the case with any other product that you might ever be tempted to buy online, reading some quesadilla maker reviews can help you make the right call. Buyers who have gone through negative experiences are known to express their opinions rather bluntly, so you are likely to benefit from going through these ratings. In fact, consumer reviews might be the only way to separate the wheat from the chaff.

Characteristics such as durability, convenience, affordability and value offered for the price can be found in the previously mentioned reviews. Some individuals write lengthy recommendations, filled with pros and cons.


Price and warranty

We’ve already seen how most of the models we have analyzed can cost as little as thirty dollars or even less. Nevertheless, units that come with special features such as a drip tray or removable plates can be considerably less affordable. Packed with all the characteristics one might ever desire, some of these alternatives can cost as much as one hundred and fifty dollars.

Let’s keep in mind that the online marketplace that you ultimately choose for your purchase also has a say in the money you will be taking out of your pocket.

Warranty is another detail to consider. If you’re feeling unsure about the brand you are purchasing from, aside from doing your homework and reading reviews, you can rely on the consumer warranty. Some manufacturers back their products with warranties that last a year, while others cover their items for two years. For some, this might include customer service and replacements, while for other individuals it might not.



Country of origin and manufacturer

Even though researching the product you want to buy is a somewhat tedious process, it definitely pays off in the end. The country of origin has a say when it comes to the quality of build of the machine. Sometimes, items manufactured in Asia are somewhat less reliable and durable compared to their American and European counterparts.

All things considered, even if you do not know too many things about the manufacturing brand, what you should undoubtedly consider is whether or not the company has a subsidiary in your state or country. Getting a replacement or return can be very complicated if you buy your quesadilla maker overseas. Plus, it’s pretty much the safest way to have issues with your warranty card.

We have seen that some of the most trusted manufacturers in the United States of America are Hamilton Beach, George Foreman, Nostalgia Electrics, BELLA, Betty Crocker, and Cuisinart. In a nutshell, purchasing an appliance from these brands basically means that you won’t encounter any issue. Even if you do stumble upon a problem with your device, you can safely take advantage of a return or replacement policy, depending on the manufacturer.

The online retailer should be associated with the manufacturer, so that there are no issues when dealing with the brand’s customer support.


Top Products we recommend:



Hamilton Beach 25409


1.Hamilton Beach 25409Hamilton Beach is a brand that is well-known for manufacturing superior products in the area of small appliances. This unit is no different when it comes to the company’s quality standards, which is why it’s definitely worth considering if you are still prospecting the market. Keep in mind that buying a Hamilton Beach quesadilla maker will allow you to benefit from the incredible customer support offered by the producer.

Compared to other units in the line, this is a somewhat large quesadilla maker, as its size is 10.5” by 9.5” by 4”. As it is to be expected from a modern model, this one features a non-stick surface. The unit is capable of heating in a matter of just five minutes and can be used for preparing six wedges.

The power and preheat lights of the model give a helping hand to any buyer who has a hard time understanding when the plates have become hot enough.

Most of the consumer reviews of the Hamilton Beach 25409 are positive. The vast majority of the people who purchased this alternative claim that it’s the best one for 6-in tortillas. Some buyers claim that this is the perfect size of quesadilla maker for them, as the unit can fit in any cabinet.



Betty Crocker BC-2958CR


2.Betty Crocker BC-2958CRWhile Betty Crocker doesn’t manufacture quesadilla makers per se, the brand does go out of its way to release products that can be used for multiple tasks. For instance, this pizza maker can be utilized for nachos, frittatas, pizzas, and quesadillas. The neat thing about this alternative is that it is large enough to accommodate 12-inch tortillas, thus allowing users to prepare both small and large quesadillas, depending on their momentary preferences.

The only minor inconvenience about getting this model is that it does not automatically split up the wedges.

As is the case with the previously described unit, this one features indicator lights and a non-stick baking surface. Cleanup is supposed to be remarkably easy with this model,

There’s a difference between this unit and others we have analyzed, and it’s the internal self-regulated thermostat, which makes pizza crust crispy golden.

The Betty Crocker BC-2958CR has gathered countless positive reviews, with consumers claiming that it’s worth the hype. According to these buyers, it’s versatile and easy to utilize, and it has been praised by students living on college campuses. Compared to other quesadilla makers we’ve consulted, this one is a tad less affordable, but it’s well-worth the money, as it is very convenient.



George Foreman GFQ001


3.George Foreman GFQ001It would have been impossible to leave out the George Foreman GFQ001 from this list composed of the best quesadilla makers out there. The unit is capable of preparing quesadillas in just five minutes, which means that you’ll be able to munch on your snack or enjoy a nice meal in a timely manner. If you’re on the run and have some leftover chicken, vegetables, or cheese, you’ll be able to put something together before you know it.

Some of the most attractive characteristics of the George Foreman GFQ001 are the power on/read indicator lights, the slip-resistant grip, and the non-stick plates. Choosing this model means you’ll be able to take advantage of your kitchen space, as it can be stored vertically.

The size of the plates is 10 inches, so you’ll be able to cook medium to large quesadillas.

The consumer reviews of the George Foreman GFQ001 are mostly positive. Some of the buyers emphasize that this unit is constructed well enough to withstand regular use. Other individuals who have bought it claim that it is the right gift for a person who has little to no experience when it comes to cooking. In addition, it’s the top choice for college students.



Nostalgia EQM200


4.Nostalgia EQM200Nostalgia Electric has been on the market for a very long time, and this style of quesadilla maker definitely integrates with the interior design of anyone’s kitchen. Buying a Nostalgia Electrics quesadilla maker is an investment, as the brand gets few to no complaints related to the quality of the products it manufactures.

This model is capable of preparing 8-inch quesadillas. The unit features non-stick plates that split the tortilla into six slices.

If you have been looking for a way to cook quick, healthy snacks, you probably need to consider this alternative, as it has a removable drip-tray that removes the excess oil and thus eliminates the possibility of it going into your body.

As is the case with other products in the line, this one takes the cake when it comes to usability, as it features ready lights. Unlike the other models we have analyzed, the cooking time of this one is between three and seven minutes, which means that you won’t have to wait for a long time before having your meal.

The consumers’ opinions we have stumbled upon praise the value offered for the price of this item. Others speak highly of the easiness of cleaning the device.



BELLA 13506


5.BELLA 13506 8-inch Quesadilla MakerThe BELLA 13506 is among the most affordable quesadilla makers we’ve come across. Sometimes, it is hard to get a highly acclaimed and well-made unit under fifty dollars. Somehow, the manufacturers have managed to combine high quality with convenience and affordability into a single product.

The BELLA 13506 does what it is supposed to do and does it better than other items in the same line. It comes with all the features a prospective buyer might ever be looking for, including non-stick plates and a built-in drip reservoir. As it is to be expected from a rather modern alternative, the BELLA 13506 features power lights for on and off modes and a ready light.

If you have little experience when it comes to operating such a device and preparing a quesadilla all by yourself, rest assured. BELLA has included a detailed consumer manual as well as some recipes, including several El Paso Chile ones.

This product is built according to the North American Electrical Standards, which means that it is perfectly safe to use both in the United States and in Canada.

The BELLA 13506 is an 8-inch model, and, therefore, it speaks to the needs of people who want to cook small-sized quesadillas.



The most popular manufacturers of quesadilla makers


Hamilton Beach is a brand that’s famous in the United States of America. The company was put together by two colleagues, L.H. Hamilton and Chester Beach, who had worked together for the U.S. Standard Electrical Works in Racine, Wisconsin. Nowadays, Hamilton Beach is one of the leaders on the market when it comes to producing high-quality appliances, ranging from blenders and rice cookers to food processors, mixers, and toasters.


The products being released by Hamilton Beach became so popular over time that the brand decided to expand their market worldwide and allow consumers from all over the world benefit from their innovations. One of the main advantages of purchasing a quesadilla maker produced by Hamilton Beach is that the brand offers a broad variety of online services, from detailed information in regards to their products to e-commerce.


George Foreman is another manufacturer of quesadilla makers, of which the most popular product is the grill launched in 1994. The unit is so acclaimed that the brand has sold over one hundred million models all over the world. Many Americans under the age of thirty nowadays have probably used a George Foreman grill when they were children, at some point or the other.

GF_healthy logo_final_out

Few people know that George Foreman, the famous boxer, isn’t the owner of the company that manufactures anything from grills to quesadilla makers. The name of the manufacturer is Spectrum Brands, and it has an outstanding reputation for producing anything from hardware and home improvement products to global batteries and appliances.

Believe it or not, the corporation has also specialized in manufacturing pet supplies and auto care products. The same name reunites a broad array of brands that everyone has interacted with: Remington, Black & Decker, Russell Hobbs, Rayovac, George Foreman, and others.

Depending on its functionalities, a George Foreman quesadilla maker can cost as little as fifty dollars.


Nostalgia Electrics specializes in producing kitchen appliances that somehow manage to imitate the vintage feel of products that were used in the fifties or sixties. The innovative design and modern functionalities of the brand’s units have made it highly popular among tech aficionados and individuals dreaming of a bygone era. The neat thing about purchasing a quesadilla maker manufactured by Nostalgia Electrics is that it will automatically integrate into an old-fashioned interior design.


Aside from quesadilla makers, Nostalgia Electrics creates hot dog toasters, electric ice cream makers, popcorn carts, blenders, waffle makers, convection toaster ovens, and electric water kettles. From what we have seen, this company has one of the largest collections of kitchen appliances, so if you ever feel like color-coordinating your living space, you may definitely do so by purchasing various units from Nostalgia Electrics.

The brand has been on the market for a very long time, during which it has designed and perfected five series: the Hollywood Series, the Coca-Cola Series, the Vintage Collection, the Retro Series and the one bearing the name of the brand, the Nostalgia collection.


BELLA is a unique product manufacturer that has slowly but surely conquered the international market. Some of the most successful innovations of the brand have taken place in the industry of designing blenders, juicers, coffee makers, tea kettles, griddles, grills, waffle irons, deep fryers and pretty much any other kitchen appliance that could ever cross one’s mind. Other notable items from this brand include ice cream makers, frozen treat makers, and popcorn makers, that are all very popular among children.


The brand claims that it was significantly inspired by the Millennial consumer, who is known for being both tech-savvy and up with the latest trends in fashion and product design. The vast majority of models launched by BELLA feature innovative design combinations between red, chrome, black and a chrome finish.

One of the most critically acclaimed products from Bella is the 8-inch quesadilla maker, which features non-stick cooking plates, a cooking time of just four to five minutes.


Betty Crocker is a brand name and trademark belonging to General Mills. Unlike several other brands that we have showcased, Betty Crocker has a very long history in the industry of developing appliances, as it was first invented in the 1920s. The name is actually famous for the recipe books published under the brand. Some of the most popular publications in this sense were Betty Crocker Cook Book of All-Purpose Baking, launched in 1941, and the 10th edition of the Betty Crocker cookbook, published in 2005.


Compared to other manufacturers, this brand has just a few branded products, which are all in the area of small appliances. Popcorn poppers, sandwich makers and hand blenders are a few examples. The Betty Crocker pizza maker can be used for preparing delicious quesadillas.


Cuisinart is yet another manufacturer of quesadilla makers, and other kitchen appliances. The company specializes in designing excellent culinary tools that have acquired a wide degree of appreciation ever since they were created for the first time, back in 1973. Two of the most famous Cuisinart preachers were Julia Child and James Beard.

Over time, the name has won multiple design awards, which attest the fact that Cuisinart is a leader in the industry. One of the most popular apps produced by Cuisinart is KitchenSync, which allows users to research a recipe, share their cooking creations with their friends and even set an alarm with a cooking timer.


The products manufactured by Cuisinart range from automatic coffeemakers to food processors and multifunctional slow cookers. Compared to other names we’ve mentioned earlier on, this one also offers a large array of accessories and parts, ranging from pizza cutters to flavor injectors and wireless grill thermometers.

Most of the quesadilla makers produced by Cuisinart are not electric, as they’re actually quesadilla baskets. This means that people interested in preparing both their grilled meat and vegetables and quesadillas at the same time might probably benefit from owning such an accessory. The unit is capable of making 12 quesadillas and is relatively easy to operate, what with its silicone heat resistant handle.



Several things on quesadilla maker maintenance


Maintaining one of these devices is not too complicated. Choosing a model with non-stick plates is the right way to go about things, although the majority of the ones we have analyzed come with this feature. This characteristic makes sure that you will not experience any hard times cleaning the unit. However, if you choose a model that has little shapes and grooves, you might find it difficult to get in there and take out the food or cheese that has seeped in the crannies.

Most people prefer using cleaning products that may or may not be too mild or too abrasive. We found that there’s a simple yet totally effective method of cleaning your pizza and quesadilla maker. All you have to do is use a wet towel. Sponges, sprays, and paper towels might not do anything to solve your problems, which is why you should try the following method.

Here you can find a very nice guide as well:

Start by placing a dish towel under your appliance. Next, heat up the system and put two wet paper towels inside, just as you would in the case of a tortilla. After the appliance has heated up, unplug it and allow the paper towels to do their job. Wait for a couple of minutes before opening it and wetting the towels time and time again. Repeat the process until you believe that the steam has completed its purpose.

Remove the paper towels. Use an old and somewhat used toothbrush to gently remove the gunk that has been building up inside the crannies. Scrub the holes until they are perfectly clean. If you’re feeling dissatisfied with the way the process turned out, all you have to do is use the wet paper towels over and over again.

This inconvenience could occur if you are the owner of a quesadilla maker that does not feature removable plates. Most of the units with removable plates allow the user to clean them using the dishwasher. Removable plates are hassle-free even if the only way of cleaning them is in the sink. The method is convenient even when washing the plates by hand, as the buyer can let the plates let soak in warm water overnight.

An additional tip is to clean the appliance right after using it. This way, the cheesy or greasy parts that have gone into the grooves will not have the time to become denser and therefore, harder to remove.

Whichever method you end up choosing, the important thing to keep in mind is that artificial substances could get into the quesadilla if you don’t remove them properly from the plates. Nobody wants to eat a Windex-flavored quesadilla, so be sure to wash the appliance as thoroughly as possible. Once again, all this tossing and turning would be avoided if you chose a unit with removable plates.

It goes without saying that electric quesadilla makers are significantly harder to manage compared to their grilling counterparts. However, the latter are less versatile as they can be used only with a grill.



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