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A few things you should know

You will be able to cook any kind of flatbreads, tortillas or pitas using this 10 inch tortilla maker.

One of the greatest advantages offered by this model is that it is designed to distribute heat evenly, so your tortillas are always crispy and tasty.

You do not have to work hard to keep the unit clean, as it only needs to be wiped with a damp cloth.

Plenty of conveniences are provided, such as a ready light, a cord wrap and vertical storage option.

One thing you should know about this particular model is that you have to let the unit heat up properly before starting to use it. Some of those who have tried it learned this small aspect by trying to make tortillas when the surface was not hot enough. If you do this, you will have to let the tortillas cook for a longer time, which will cause them to be dry and less palatable than you desire. However, if you take into account that you need to let the unit heat up before use, you will encounter no such issues.



My opinion


The CucinaPro Tortilla Maker is a great addition to any kitchen, because it can be used for making all kinds of tortillas, flatbreads and pitas for a wide variety of dishes, Mexican or from other international cuisines. Versatility is important for many users who do not want to spend a great deal of money on a unitasker. No matter what kind of Mexican dish you want to prepare, you will find that tortillas are used in many of them. However, when you grow tired or bored with tortilla based recipes, you can always try other flatbreads and pitas that are included in other recipes you can easily find online. For being so handy, the model reviewed comes with many other useful features that will be presented right away.

The model is built sturdily, so you can use it for really flattening the dough in order to get tortillas and other varieties of flatbreads. The CucinaPro Tortilla Maker is made of heavy duty aluminum, so you can count on having this model to serve you for many years. Another great advantage of this sturdy built is that you do not have to worry about getting tortillas that are well made in the middle, but soggy and uneatable on the edges. The cooking surface distributes heat evenly, so all the tortillas you will make using this machine will be crispy and tasty. Uniform baking is a must for all flatbreads and this is easily acquired with minimum skill or effort from your part.

1.2 CucinaPro Tortilla Maker -1443

Easy maintenance is always an important aspect of any kitchen appliance. The CucinaPro Tortilla Maker comes with non-stick cooking surfaces, so all you will have to do will be to wipe it clean. Because the model does not have a complicated design, there are no crooks and crannies where you must pay extra attention for grease, crumbs and other food remains getting stuck there. Now you can make any kind of flatbreads used in the Mexican cuisine or by other cooks around the world, with great ease. The fact that you do not have to clean a lot after each use is a great benefit that should not be overlooked. Always keep in mind that ease of cleaning and maintenance increases the chances of using the kitchen appliance you purchase more frequently, so that it really pays off for the price you paid for it in the first place.

When you are shopping for a tortilla maker, make sure that you do not overlook the many different features and extras that are offered. Since there are plenty of models offered by various manufacturers, you must be able to tell the difference between them, so you can make an educated choice.


The model presented here is made by CucinaPro, a manufacturer enjoying a great reputation in the US, but this is not the only thing that recommends it. The attention to detail adds to the appeal of this great tortilla maker. The ready light, for instance, lets you know when it is the right time to place the dough on the cooking surface so you can start making tortillas.

The convenient cord wrap helps keeping your kitchen extra tidy, without power cords hanging loose everywhere. The compact design is an added plus, and you can also store it vertically, if you want to save some space on your kitchen counter. No matter where you decide to place this tortilla maker after use, you will discover that it is really easy to store it away.


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