Hamilton Beach quesadilla maker


A few things on this amazing brand


Hamilton Beach is well known for its blenders, food processors and other small kitchen appliances that are found in homes across North America. Sold primarily through wholesale and retail, Hamilton Beach is one of the most trusted names in small electric appliances.

The Hamilton Beach Manufacturing Company was started by L.H Hamilton and Chester Beach, who developed a small universal motor that could be used to power appliances for the home. Until then only electric motors could only be found in commercial appliances. In 1910 the two men founded The Hamilton Beach Manufacturing Company and began designed and producing small appliances for American households. The first appliance introduced to the public was the Hamilton Beach Drink Mixer and this iconic device was quickly followed by food mixers, meat grinders, juice extractors, and even fans, floor polishers and motors for jewelers’ tools.


In 1920 Philadelphia Textile Machinery was renamed Proctor & Schwartz, and began to manufacturer toasters and irons that were temperature controlled. Proctor & Schwartz was renamed again in 1960 when it merged with the Silex Company, a popular manufacturer of irons and coffeemakers. The combined businesses went on to produce pop-up and silent toasters, along with electric coffee makers and even an iron that came with an attached cord.

Hamilton Beach and Proctor-Silex were finally merged in 1990, when the two companies were brought together by NACCO Industries Inc. Now one of the largest U.S. based manufacturers of small household appliances, the company is enjoying unprecedented success. The company grew even larger in 1995 when it expanded internationally, and has plans to continue to do so in the next several years.

Dedicated to providing its customers with exceptional service and products, Hamilton Beach is continuing to look for ways to make consumers lives easier. The award winning small kitchen appliances are designed to solve a specific problem in consumers live, or to fill a need customers might not even know that they have. Continuing to test and design innovative new products, consumers can’t wait to see what Hamilton Beach manufacturers next.


Their best quesadilla maker is….



Hamilton Beach 25409


1.1 Hamilton Beach 25409 Quesadilla Maker

There are several reasons why this Hamilton Beach quesadilla maker is a consumer favorite that include its bright red design, and extremely affordable price. For less than what you would pay in a restaurant, and in a shorter amount of time you can make and eat delicious quesadillas at home. You can enjoy the same taste and texture that you get in a cantina, without having to put in a lot of hard work and effort. This small kitchen appliance quickly heats up, and it is also designed to be easy and convenient to use.

You will love how the bright red quesadilla maker looks sitting on your counter, and its compact size won’t take up a lot of space. If you don’t want to leave the quesadilla maker sitting out, its small size also makes it easy to store. It is designed to work with 6, 8 and 10 inch tortilla shells so you can adjust the size of the quesadilla accordingly. It should be noted that when you use the larger tortillas the griddle marks at the end of the top plate will seal the edges to give the quesadillas an authentic appearance.

It is capable of making 6 wedges at a time, and the top plate will mark the individual sections when the lid is tightly shut. The lid also locks to prevent heat from escaping, and to help prevent accidental burns from the hot plates. The top and bottom plates come with a non stick coating that prevents cheese and other ingredients from getting burnt on. Not only does this make it easier to remove the quesadilla when it is finished, it also ensures a quick cleanup.

1.3 Hamilton Beach 25409 Quesadilla Maker

In 5 minutes or less, depending on the ingredients you can enjoy hot and delicious quesadillas at home. This model is capable of heating up in minutes, and a convenient light will indicate when it is ready.

A light will also alert you when the appliance is turned on, so you don’t accidentally burn your hand on a scalding hot plate. Add cheese, beans, rice and any number of other ingredients to your quesadillas, and enjoy eating restaurant style quesadillas without leaving your home. This model also comes with Hamilton Beach’s limited warranty so you can feel confident about your purchase. Save money and still enjoy the quesadillas that you love with this small electric appliance from Hamilton Beach.


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