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Tips on playing with a quesadilla maker


With a quesadilla maker, you can quickly make a great after-school snack of grilled tortillas stuffed with your choice of fillings. In addition, while waiting for the quesadillas to cook, you can also prepare some sour cream or salsa to go with the snack. Although a number of companies manufacture quesadilla makers, the machines operate on basically the same principles.

Make sure to wipe all the surfaces of the machine using a damp cloth prior to plugging it in. Place the unit on a flat, stable surface safely away from water.



The quesadilla maker can do more than make quesadillas.

Taking up only a small amount of countertop space, a quesadilla maker is quite a versatile kitchen gadget. It can also be used to make grilled cheese sandwiches, burgers, french toast, pancakes and crepes. This device doesn’t leave you wondering whether it’s time to turn the crepes or pancakes, since the batter just has to be poured on one side, after which the lid is closed. Providing two-sided cooking, a quesadilla maker just needs a couple of minutes or so to make the perfect pancake or crepe.

A burger bun can be toasted effortlessly. Lovely quesadillas can be made in as short as five minutes. You can also heat up hamburger or sausage patties or even cook an egg.


Prep the machine for cooking.

Aside from the quesadilla maker itself, you will need to have a power outlet right next to the machine. Being a small kitchen appliance, a quesadilla maker typically has a short cable, so position it next to the power outlet so you won’t need to use an extension cord.


You will also need some cooking oil or spray-on fat, which should be applied on the inside surfaces, or both the base plate and lid plate, of the machine. Although most quesadilla makers are equipped with non-stick surfaces, it is best to put some spray-on fat or a light coat of oil to ensure that the tortilla (or bread) doesn’t stick to the cooking surfaces. It will also facilitate effortless cleanups after use. Coating with cooking spray will also give you toastier tortillas.

Some users recommend burning off two sets of tortillas when the machine is used for the first time, to ensure that the first rounds cooked on the quesadilla maker do not have a funky or inedible taste.



Use the right food items with the machine.


Don’t use tortillas smaller than 10 inches. There are 12-inch tortillas as well. You wouldn’t want to use any 8-inch tortillas that allow the ingredients to ooze out from the sides during cooking, creating a huge mess.

If desired, the veggies and meat can be precooked. Make sure all the ingredients are cut into very small pieces. It is not recommended that salsa be added to the inside. When using cheese, go for Monterey Jack, cheddar blends, goat cheese, brie, etc.



Plug the machine into the outlet


Most and the best quesadilla makers come with an indicator light, sometimes two. One of the lights is the power indicator, so you will know the machine is switched on, and the other lets you know when the quesadilla maker is ready for cooking.

The quesadilla maker takes about five minutes to preheat. The ready indicator light turns a solid green during the preheating process, then flashes to let you know when the right cooking temperature level is reached.

Open the lid and start cooking.


The lid does become really hot, so using an oven mitt is wise.

Put one side of your quesadilla (one tortilla sheet) into the base, then assemble the fillings at the center. If you are making a simple cheese quesadilla for yourself, you can simply use one tortilla, put the cheese in and fold the tortilla in half. However, if you want a bigger quesadilla or something that can go around for everybody, use one tortilla as the base, put in the filings then top with a second tortilla.

It can be tempting to overfill the tortillas, but the fillings should ideally be placed only in the center. Avoid putting cheese and other ingredients near the edges of the tortillas so you won’t make a mess.

Close the lid and press it down to lock or secure in place. The unit can operate even if the lid is not locked down. The quesadilla will cook naturally. Keep the lid down till you hear the cheese sizzle and see it oozing out of the quesadilla.

Cooking time can vary based on the fillings or the thickness of the quesadilla.



Extract the cooked quesadilla and serve


Some of the best quesadilla makers have a rim that facilitates easy removal of the cooked quesadilla.

Open the lid. Use a spatula to remove the quesadilla and transfer it to a plate. If you intend to make more quesadillas, close the lid and allow the machine to preheat again.

Allow the quesadilla to cool for a minute, then cut along the creases made by the machine to get equal parts.

Some devices require that the user wait for the indicator light to turn off before unplugging. Wait for a few minutes for the surfaces to cool down, after which you can wipe them with a damp cloth to remove leftover debris.




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