IMUSA GAU-80307 Quesadilla Maker


1.1 IMUSA, GAU-80307



Ideal for quick, tasty meals, the IMUSA GAU-80307 Quesadilla Maker offers you the ability to make 8 inch quesadillas with great ease.

The griddle is coated with non-stick substance, so you do not have to worry about unsightly burns and messy drippings on your quesadilla maker.

The quesadillas will be conveniently sectioned into triangles, so you can serve them right away.

Great advantages are provided with this model, such as a removable tray that catches excess grease and the vertical storage option.



When it comes to making quesadillas at home, it all boils down to your preferences. While the IMUSA GAU-80307 Quesadilla Maker gathers but few complaints from users, there is one that should be mentioned. In case you prefer your quesadillas extra crispy or brown on the bottom, you will need to have the unit run for a longer time. Otherwise, 5 minutes is all this machine needs to serve you hot and ready to eat quesadillas for the entire family.




No matter what kind of filling you are in the mood for, the IMUSA GAU-80307 Quesadilla Maker is sure to provide you with. Whether you like your quesadillas filled with cheese, meat, shrimp or veggies, the machine will do a great job and the best part is that you do not have to wait a lot for your quesadillas to be ready. The unit makes quesadillas that are ready to serve and eat within just 5 minutes. What could be greater than having the ability to enjoy your favorite Mexican dishes at home? Not to mention, you will be in control of the ingredients used for the fillings, and you will not have to pay extra like you have to do when going out to have dinner in a restaurant. The model makes 8 inch quesadillas and it gets them done very fast and easy.

Having non-stick coating for cooking surfaces is really a must have in this day and age, and the IMUSA GAU-80307 Quesadilla Maker offers this advantage, as its cooking plates are completely non-stick. The main advantage offered by this type of coating is that you do not have to grease the baking plates with oil or butter which would simply add to the content of fat, increasing the number of calories eaten with each meal. The other benefit is that cleanup is really easy, since these surfaces only have to be wiped clean, without any need to scratch the surface to have eventual burns and stuck remains removed. These benefits make this type of kitchen appliance a really great and convenient buy for your needs. Keep your kitchen clean and tidy with the IMUSA GAU-80307 Quesadilla Maker, while enjoying delicious meals with your entire family.

1.3 IMUSA, GAU-80307

The press and seal lines present a great convenience for quesadilla lovers. They create creases in the tortillas used for making the quesadillas, so they can easily be sectioned into triangles and served right away. This is a special feature that will make those who love having quesadillas as served in restaurants happy. Now you will no longer hear any complaints from your family when you are asking them to join you for dinner. No one will want to go out and eat quesadillas in a restaurant, as long as you can make better meals at home. Do not forget that you are completely in charge of the ingredients and you can make healthier choices for your family. Especially kids are picky about the foods they eat, but, if you manage to offer them the foods they want to eat, in a convenient manner, you will discover that it is really easy to keep them at home and have them eat healthier meals.

You will find that this model comes with many great features and conveniences. Among them, one that should be mentioned is the drip tray for catching the grease and the drippings from the quesadillas while in the cooking process. The tray will keep mess to a minimum and the good news is that it can be removed for easy cleaning once you are done with the quesadilla maker. Make sure that it does not overflow, and you will never have to heavily clean after cooking. Another great feature is the vertical storage option that helps you maintain your kitchen tidy. If you plan on using the quesadilla maker frequently, you can simply store it on the kitchen counter and use it when the need arises.


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