Nostalgia Electrics quesadilla maker


The word “nostalgia” is used to describe a fondness and longing for things from the past. The designers at Nostalgia Electrics take this definition seriously, and apply it to all of the company’s products. With the introduction of the Hot Air Popcorn Maker, Nostalgia Electronics cemented its reputation of being able to produce high quality small appliances that bring consumers fond memories of the past.

Beginning with the Vintage Collection, which started with the Hot Air Popcorn Maker and inspired by product designs popular in the 19th century, to the Retro Series small kitchen appliances and eye catching Coca-Cola line the company has strived to manufacture products that are visually appealing and fully functional.


The Retro Series is designed to bring back fond memories of the 1950’s. Featuring the trademarked “Retro Red” finish and sleek silver accents, these small kitchen appliances look as beautiful as they perform. Allowed to use the Coco-Cola label, Nostalgia Electrics has also created a unique line of frozen drink, popcorn and hotdog makers. Capitalizing on the catch phrase “everything goes better with a Coke”, this products are perfect for vendors and business owners.

For consumers that long for a return to the Golden Age of Hollywood, this sparkling collection of theater inspired appliances are perfect for movie and popcorn lovers. The design line that really makes this company stand out is its Vintage Collection. Since some small and large appliances date bate to the late 19th century, there is literally something for every kitchen in this product line. Choose from skillfully replicated cotton candy machines and popcorn makers that are perfect for street fairs and carnivals, or to even add something special to a backyard birthday party.

The line also includes several small kitchen appliances that are designed to look great sitting on your counter, while still being functional. Simply because Nostalgia Electrics chooses to be inspired by designs and products from the past, doesn’t mean that the company is ignoring the future. Each product produced from the company comes with the latest technical advances so you can be assured it performs as well as it looks.



Nostalgia EQM200


1.1 Nostalgia EQM200Nostalgia Electrics is well known for its innovative and stylish small kitchen appliances that perform just as great as they look. This Nostalgia Electrics quesadilla maker comes in cheery “Retro Red”, and will add a bright splash of color to your kitchen. Its retro design will bring back fond memories of eating at diners, and this quesadilla maker works as great as it looks.

The quesadilla maker comes with 8 inch plates that are perfect for tortillas, and the protective coating ensures that your food doesn’t stick to the top or bottom of the griddle. Not only does this make the quesadilla maker extremely easy to clean, it also ensures that your food simply slips off the griddle when it is done. The plates can be easily wiped clean with warm soapy water, and conveniently stored until you are ready to use it again.

You will appreciate its compact size if you are dealing with limited counter space, and this also makes the quesadilla maker easier to store. The quesadilla maker can be placed on its side when not being used so it takes up less room in your cabinet. Nostalgia Electrics knows that you do not want to spend a lot of time prepping and cooking, which is why it designed this small appliance to be convenient and easy to use.

It comes with an innovative plate design that lets you make up to 6 individual wedges at a time. The pockets on the bottom griddle help to hold the ingredients inside the tortillas, while also encouraging the edges to close when the cheese is melting.

1.2 Nostalgia EQM200

The lines in the lid seal the two tortillas together, along with giving your quesadillas an authentic appearance. It is also easy to eat healthier, since this model comes with a removable drip tray. Excess grease is removed from the griddle, instead of soaking back into your food. This also helps to give the tortillas crisp edges that are normally only found in a cantina.

The drip tray can be removed for easy cleaning, and you will love being able to enjoy your favorite quesadillas without having to worry about your diet. Capable of heating up in minutes and designed to be easy and convenient to use, it’s not hard to see why this quesadilla maker is a popular choice with consumers.


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