Nostalgia EQM200 Electric Quesadilla Maker


1.1 Nostalgia EQM200



A great benefit offered by the Nostalgia Electrics Quesadilla Maker is that you can make different types of quesadillas, depending on the thickness you want them to have.

Plenty of great features are provided, such as non-stick cooking surface, drip tray and ready lights that put you in charge of the entire cooking process.

Creating 6 wedges is fast and easy, as the unit is designed to help you section them with ease.

The unit is very fast and you can obtain the quesadillas you prefer within 3 to 7 minutes, depending on how thick you want your quesadillas to be.



One thing about quesadilla makers that may not be to everyone’s liking is that quesadillas come out as baked and not grilled, as they are done traditionally. This is something mentioned by a few users of the Nostalgia EQM200 Electric Quesadilla Maker, and it should be listed here. Getting the same crispy crust of quesadillas as for the one cooked in a traditional manner may be tricky using this type of unit, but seeing how convenient it is otherwise, you may not find this a deal breaker.




Quesadilla makers you can find today do, more or less, the same thing. The main advantage offered is that they can save you a lot of money on buying quesadillas, whether you have them served in a restaurant, or you buy the frozen varieties sold in grocery stores. However, there are some differences even between the most popular quesadilla makers that should be mentioned. In the case of the Nostalgia EQM200 Electric Quesadilla Maker, the difference consists of having a locking lid with two different positions, so you can vary the thickness of your quesadillas. So, if you are the kind of person who loves stuffing their quesadillas with a lot of ingredients, you do not have to worry about being unable to close the lid afterwards. You will get great results each and every time and everyone at home will love your quesadillas.

When you are purchasing a quesadilla maker, it is important to get one that comes with many helpful features. The Nostalgia EQM200 Electric Quesadilla Maker fares truly well in this respect, since it has quite a plentiful array of useful features. First of all, it comes equipped with non-stick cooking plates, so that your quesadillas get nicely done, without the risk to burn them and without having to coat the plates with additional fat that eventually gets into your food. Another great benefit is offered by the removable drip tray that is designed to catch the excess grease from your quesadillas. All this will be fat that will not be on your plate, so it is a great feature for making healthier dishes for you and the entire family. The power and ready to cook lights come in handy, as well, and you will be in charge of the cooking process. All in all, the features employed on this model are useful and make your job easier.

1.2 Nostalgia EQM200

Making enough quesadillas for the entire family gathered around the table is always a challenge if you are using a regular oven. When using the Nostalgia EQM200 Electric Quesadilla Maker, you will obtain 6 wedges fast and easy so you can keep everyone well fed and happy. In case your kids prefer a different filling, you can customize their quesadillas depending on their preferences. There is hardly a kitchen appliance that caters so efficiently to all the tastes and preferences in a family. Whether you prefer savory or sweet quesadillas, you will find them really easy to make. The unit is designed to create creases in the quesadillas, so you can have them sectioned into triangles with great ease.

When you are in a hurry or you need to put together a meal for the entire family in short notice, it is good to know that you have the right kitchen appliances to count on. The Nostalgia EQM200 Electric Quesadilla Maker helps you make quesadillas within 3 to 7 minutes, depending on how thick you want them to be, or how brown. Although usually quesadilla makers do not manage to offer the same crispy crust or brown bottom those made in restaurants have, keeping the unit running for a bit longer will help you get results that are close to what you seek. A quesadilla maker like this one is a great ally if you want to put together a meal fast and easy.


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