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It’s easy to make delicious quesadillas at home if you have a quesadilla maker. While there are several makes and models to choose from, there are some aspects to consider to be sure you find the right one for you. In this buying guide we have included informative tips and brief reviews so you can confidentially make a smart purchasing decision.




The design of the quesadilla maker not only refers to its appearance, but also how well it functions. One of the most important aspects to look for, according to the quesadilla maker reviews, is a non stick coating on the surface of the plates. Not only does this prevent the tortillas from sticking to the top or bottom of the quesadilla maker, it also makes the small appliance easier to clean.



The plates on a quesadilla maker can vary in appearance, and this can affect what you can cook with the small appliance. Models with separate pockets are ideal for making restaurant style quesadillas, while products with flat plates can also be easily used for pizzas, tostadas, and other finger foods. The right model for you will generally depend on what you want to cook in the quesadilla maker.



There are some features to consider that can make it easier to use. Models that quickly heat up are great when you need to quickly feed hungry guests or family members, and quesadilla makers with convenient power lights indicate when the small appliance is turned on. Removable drip trays collect excess grease so you can eat healthier, and models that can be stored vertically are ideal for cramped spaces. Some quesadilla makers also come with non slip handles, along with additional lights that let you know when it has reached its optimal temperature.



Hamilton Beach 25409


1.Hamilton Beach 25409It’s cheery red color looks great sitting out, and the bottom legs prevent the bottom from burning your countertops. Its compact size is easy to store, and you will appreciate how quickly this quesadilla maker from Hamilton Beach heats up. In 5 minutes or so, depending on the type and amount of ingredients you and your family can enjoy hot and delicious quesadillas that look and taste just like the ones you get in a restaurant.

The non stick coating on the plates ensures that the tortillas are easy to remove, and since food won’t get stuck to the top or bottom this small appliance can be quickly wiped clean. The pockets are designed to make 6 wedges, and the lines in the tightly locking lid give your quesadillas an authentic appearance while also helping to seal the ingredients in.



Betty Crocker BC-2958CR


2.Betty Crocker BC-2958CROne of the first aspects you’ll notice is that this quesadilla maker from Betty Crocker comes with flat plates. Since the plates aren’t divided, you have the advantage of being able to make nachos, pizzas, quesadillas, and other finger foods. The 12 inch plates are also designed to prevent food from sticking, which is always appreciated when it is time to clean up afterwards.

This quesadilla and pizza maker is designed to heat up quickly, and the internal thermometer ensures that the small appliance maintains a consistent temperature. This also helps to ensure that your pizza crusts and tortillas are crisp and delicious, instead of burnt or “doughy”. You will also appreciate how easy and convenient this quesadilla and pizza maker is to store, especially if you have limited shelf space. To make storage even easier, this small appliance comes with a convenient compartment for the power cord.



George Foreman GFQ001


3.George Foreman GFQ001There is very little not to like about this quesadilla maker, including its bright red color. This small appliance is designed to fit easily on your counter, and be convenient to store when it is not being used. Since it is designed to be stored vertically the quesadilla maker takes up less room on the shelf, which is always appreciate if you have limited space in your kitchen.

The 10 inch plates are coated with a tough non stick coating that is resistant to chipping and flaking. Not only does this prevent food from sticking to the plates, it also makes it incredibly easy to clean. Convenient lights indicate when the power is turned on, and when the quesadilla maker is ready to be used. The 6 deep pockets help to keep the ingredients inside the tortillas, while also searing everything inside. You will also appreciate the lines on the lid, which seal the edges and give your quesadillas an authentic appearance.


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