Two Beef Quesadilla Recipes You Need to Know


The usual meat used for quesadillas is chicken, but this does not mean that you should feel limited in your choices. If you are among those who prefer beef to chicken, there are many quesadilla recipes you can try that are made with your favorite type of meat. We want to offer you two such recipes, so you can have a great start when creating new quesadillas for you and your family.


Spicy quesadillas with beef – the perfect dinner, lunch or breakfast

Beef is very tasty, especially if you know what other ingredients to associate it with. This recipe is perfect for the gourmand in you.


What you will need:

       1 pound of ground beef (the lean type is preferred)

       1 cup of corn

       ¼ cup of green onions (chopped)

       2 teaspoons of chili

       ¼ cup of sour cream

       ½ teaspoon of salt

       ½ teaspoon of cumin

       1 cup of shredded cheese (if you find a spicy type, that is just great)

       4 tortillas

The ground beef must be cooked in a skillet with the onions and the corn. Mix often and wait for the meat to be thoroughly cooked. When done, add the chili powder, the cumin and the salt. Let them together for 1 minute and then you can turn off the heat. On another skillet, lay one tortilla, spread some shredded cheese and part of the mix obtained above. Fold the tortilla and cook on one side for 2 minutes, and on the other, for 2 minutes, as well. Proceed with all the tortillas in the same manner and cut them into wedges. Add sour cream at the end, when serving.



Beef quesadilla with two types of cheese – the definition of perfection

What could be better than the juicy taste of beef, combined with the perfection of melted cheese? For this recipe, you will need very little time and no skills as a chef whatsoever. In the end, you will obtain a perfect quesadilla dish that you and your family will thoroughly enjoy.


What you will need:

       Half a pound of ground beef

       Salt and black pepper according to taste

       Chopped bell pepper – about half a cup

       Chili powder

       One finely sliced onion

       Olive oil

       Cheddar cheese, shredded

       Mozzarella, shredded

       Sliced olives


Depending on how many quesadillas you wish to make, you can increase the quantities used. Balance the quantity of beef with that of cheese for a perfect taste, and use spices as you prefer. Some people may like pepper better, while others may prefer more chili. Use a non-stick pan to cook the ground beef, then add the onion and the olive oil. Towards the end, add all the spices, for enhanced flavor. When the meat is done, use another skillet to place one tortilla. Add a first layer of the two types of cheese, then part of the beef and a few sliced olives. Fold and cook the assembled quesadilla on both sides, allowing the cheese to melt. Proceed in the same manner until you are out of tortillas and ingredients.


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